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At a time when more and more consumers have turned to online, the growing interest in digital shopping can be leveraged for your eMAG Marketplace store. This week we come with a series of tips on how to increase the visibility of your products through promotional methods on the platform. Read them below, along with news from the last few days.




@INS: managers estimate an upward trend in economic activity for retail trade (+21% cyclical balance). The estimate is made for the period July-September this year.


@According to Romania’s Prime Minister, Florin Citu, public investment increased by 32.4% in the first six months of 2021, compared to the same period of 2020.


@INS data shows that the unemployment rate fell to 5.2% in June 2021, compared to the previous month.





@According to European Commission data , 70% of adults in the European Union have been immunized with at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. Also 57% are vaccinated with both doses.

@The International Monetary Fund estimates that the European Union will record economic growth of 4.7% in 2021 and 4.4% in 2022. The world economy is also expected to grow by 6% in 2021 and 4.9% in 2022.

@ The Central European Bank estimates that the European economy could return to pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2022. But CEB President Christine Lagarde said the recovery will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and progress on vaccination.

@According to a Mastercard study on the consumption behavior of Generation Z, 74% of young people shop online at least once a month, and their favorite category is clothing. Also, 52% of them choose to pay on delivery and only 27% pay by debit or with credit card. The study was conducted in the Central and Eastern European regions and included 11 countries, including Romania.


Useful tips for you


According to Statista data cited in a FedEx report , global trade will grow by 5.3% in 2021.

At the same time, buying products online has become commonplace for global consumers. A statistic cited in the same report shows that, globally, nearly 50% of customers are buying online more frequently than before the pandemic.

An increase in ecommerce could also be observed locally. Last year, in Romania, 6 out of 10 people who used the internet bought products online.

On eMAG Marketplace you have a daily chance to reach millions of visitors who are looking for the right products and whom you can convert into customers.

But what can you do to increase the visibility of your products on the platform? One effective and handy option could be to promote your products through the tools available in the Marketplace. You can use promotion opportunities for new categories you include in your offer, as well as for bestsellers or products you want to increase sales for.

Here are the promotion methods available to you on eMAG Marketplace:


Promoting your products through our recurring campaigns on the platform can ensure visibility in a simple and effective way.

Our recommendation is to upload attractive offers for customers, which can bring you benefits such as increasing the number of visits to your product pages, but also the possibility to increase your sales and conversion rate.

Go to the Promotions-Campaigns menu in your eMAG Marketplace account to find out what campaigns are currently available and choose the right campaigns to load your products in.

Promotional packages

In addition to joining platform campaigns, you can create your own promotional packages. These can help you attract customers’ attention and increase the average order value of your products.

Go to the Product promo menu in the Dashboard to start creating custom offers. Here are the types of packages you can use:

  • Bundle first promo – a promotional package consisting of a main product and a secondary product; for both products you can offer a discount.
  • Bundle promo – similar to Bundle first promo, this package consists of one main product and up to four secondary products; you can apply a discount for each of the products included in the bundle promo.
  • Gift promo – for this bundle, consisting of one main product and up to four secondary products, you offer 100% discount (gift) only for secondary products.
  • Promo pack – this is a promotional pack consisting of a set of two, three, four or even five identical The aim is to give the customer an advantage when buying several products of the same type.

eMAG Ads

The latest promotion tool we have launched, eMAG Ads, gives you flexibility in promoting the products you want, both in terms of budget and the type of campaigns you can create.

Here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • You can test a campaign with a product that sells well in general- this way you learn how a campaign works and have the chance to maximise the impact of products that are in high demand.
  • You can separate campaigns for each product category – this way you can better analyse results and compare the performance of products in the same category.
  • You can start by investing small amounts but allocate enough budget to each campaign – our recommendation is to allocate a daily budget of at least 10 lei and start with a minimum bid to test which products perform better. If you don’t get any hits after a few days, you can consider increasing your investment gradually by 10-20%.

We remind you that we have started to test the display of the ads generated by eMAG Ads on the product listing pages , so you can register even more views for the promoted products. If you are tempted to try this method of promotion, we recommend that you start by watching this webinar on how eMAG Ads campaigns can help you.

The most searched for products in the last 7 days on eMAG

1. air conditioning & fans
2. iPhone
3. telephones
4. headphones
5. sport shoes
6. refrigerators & freezers
7. T-shirts
8. toys
9. watches
10. bags & wallets
11. notebooks
12. Samsung phones
13. diapers and napkins
14. vacuums
15. chairs
16. speakers
17. TVs
18. gaming console
19. bedroom furniture
20. pools & accessories
21. fashion accessories
22. sandals / slippers / flip-flops
23. bicycles / tricycles & accessories
24. smartwatch
25. perfumes & gift sets
26. Samsung
27. clothing
28. dresses
29. fashion & sport brands
30. closets

Ongoing campaigns:

  • Weekend campaign,
  • Crazy Days,
  • Everything for Sport,
  • eMAG Outlet,
  • Gardening Campaign,
  • Necessary every day.

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eMAG Academy – Our recommendations for this week:


@Learn from this tutorial how you can join the campaigns on the platform.

@Find out all the secrets of the Product promo menu here .

@Do you know how to fill in the Bundle first promo file?

@Create the campaigns your customers want with eMAG Ads.

The products listed in the Genius easybox program can register 10% more traffic.

  eMAG Ads can help you grow the visibility of your products.

You can concentrate on sales growth and let us help you with the logistic and customer care operations through Fulfilment by eMAG.

You can start selling on the marketplaces of another 3 European e-commerce leaders!

Make sure your team is OK

Keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and that it is necessary to implement a series of prevention rules for the safety of you and your team in all workplaces. You can check here which measures we recommend you consider.

We wish you to stay healthy and have as many sales as possible!

eMAG Marketplace Team

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