eMAG Marketplace Pulse, week 32, 2021



Market news help us understand the opportunities and challenges of this period, which can help you manage your business successfully in the near future.

Moreover, since we know that you would like to manage more efficiently the operational processes on the platform, we have answered the most common questions about the successful processing and finalizing the orders received on the eMAG Marketplace platform.





@According to data published by Eurostat, Romania is among the countries that recorded an increase in retail trade in June. It increased by 12.1% in June, compared to the same period last year. In the European Union, in the same period, there was an increase of 5.3%.


@The Romanians’ purchasing power is among the lowest in Europe, according to the BNP Paribas barometer. At the same time, 69% of Romanians want to make savings, a percentage above the European Union average.


@Footwear exports decreased in 2020: they amounted to $729 million, the lowest level in the last 15 years.


@According to a study conducted by the Novel research company, the main renovation works that Romanians would make include the purchase of new furniture (27%), painting (19%) or changing sanitary installations (13%).





@The Minister of Health in Sofia, Dr. Dimitar Petrov, announces that Bulgaria will enter the orange area of the coronavirus spread, due to the increase in the number of cases. According to him, the measures would be tightened, especially for stricter anti-pandemic control.

@The year-end shopping season may be affected by a new shipping crisis, which may cause stock depletion and delays in shipping. This is caused by the recent floods in Europe and China, which have hit supply chains hard. Among the categories of products that be affected are electronics, furniture, clothing and home appliances.

@The seventh edition of the EY Future Consumer Index study shows that 78% of consumers are worried about the impact of the pandemic on their own finances. For 53% of the respondents, the price is a more important criterion when making a purchase, compared to the pre-pandemic period. 31% of consumers also spend more on sustainable products.

@60% of adults in the European Union are fully vaccinated against coronavirus. Romania is on the penultimate place in the European Union, with 25% of the population vaccinated against Covid.

@Hungary is the first country in Europe where the programming for the third dose of the vaccine has started. Hungary also announces that it will lift the restrictions on access to major national events in August and September.

Useful tips for you


According to statistical data, in Europe 73% of Internet users have shopped online in 2020, and globally it is estimated that the ecommerce sector will represent 22% of the total retail sales by 2023.


The eMAG platform records over 80 million visits per month, and over 8.5 million customers have placed at least one order on the platform, therefore the sales opportunities are not missing for the eMAG Marketplace partners.


Regardless of the number of orders you receive in your account from the platform, it is important to manage them on time, in order to provide the customers with the desired products as quickly as possible. If you want to become an expert in processing orders, we have prepared answers to the most common questions, which we hope will help you streamline the process of picking up and completing orders.


In your account, you have the Orders section, the place where you handle the reception and finalization of orders, but also the situations that may occur, such as returns, cancelled orders or other incidents. In this menu you will be able to view data such as the number of days in which the order reached the customer, the used method of payment or other details about the buyer. Moreover, you can see information for each order by accessing the Actions column, the View order details button. Here you can view info about the maximum completion date, invoicing data, delivery address or payment method.


How to quickly edit an order?


Enter on the desired order and press the Edit button. It will automatically receive the status in progress. Here you can upload the invoice that the customer will be able to see in his account, you can view the data needed to prepare the order for delivery and you can generate the AWB if all the information is in order. Also here you can use the Messages button to contact us by Message Center, if you notice that your billing data is incomplete or you have other questions that we can help you with.


How to generate an AWB from the eMAG Marketplace platform?

In the Actions column you can also generate an AWB for each received order. You must press the Edit button again – in the AWB section, press the Generate AWB button and select the courier company that will handle the delivery of the order. At the end, do not forget to fill in the specific note of the selected courier. If you generated the wrong AWB you can delete it from the Logistics tab, My Deliveries section.

If you want to generate an AWB for multiple parcels on the same order, you have two options:

  • You can generate a single AWB for all parcels: follow the steps above and, when you get to the selection of the courier with whom you want to deliver the products, fill in the number of parcels prepared for the order in the Information section, the of parcels field.
  • You can generate an AWB for each package: follow the same steps as in the case of any order, but in the section order information fill in the refund amount that the customer will pay for one of the packages (this field will be filled in with 0 if the payment is made by bank card or OP). Confirm the data and the AWB will be automatically generated for the first package. Press the Generate AWB button and follow the same steps, filling in the refund amount for the second package.

You want to offer free shipping for an order? Find out how you can make this setting!

Free delivery can be a major benefit for customers and can convince them to place the order for your product. You can set a gratuity threshold (the minimum value of an order for which a customer benefits from free shipping) for both a product and an order containing several products, directly from your account. You can fill in this threshold in the Logistics menu, the Delivery Fees section.

How to cancel an order?

To cancel an order, you have two solutions to help you complete this process in a simple and fast way:

  • If less than 48 hours have passed since its completion, you can cancel the order directly from the order edit page. To do so, enter the Orders menu, Actions column, View order details Change status from Finalized to Returned. Keep in mind that a high number of cancelled orders will affect your Account Health performance indicators. We recommend that you try to find out why the products were returned and offer an alternative to the customer (for example, to exchange the product with another one from your offer).
  • If the 48-hour deadline after the completion of the order has been exceeded, you can cancel the order only if you have issued at least one AWB that has, at the date of cancellation, the status Returned to the sender. Also, this status must be active before the deadline for return, which varies depending on the order:
  1. For Genius orders, the deadline is maximum 60 days.
  2. For non-Genius orders, the term is of maximum 14 days, plus an additional term of 4 days, i.e. 19 days in total.

Keep in mind that these changes only apply if you initiate the order cancellation from the order edit interface and it is not generated by a return request.

Conditions for automatic order cancellation:

If you have integrated at least one courier company in your account, you have the possibility to check the automatic cancellation functionality, through which you can activate/inactivate the automatic cancellation flow (My Account – Profile – Return | Operational Settings).

If you do not have a courier integrated in your account, you can cancel an order only if you have not exceeded the maximum deadline of 19 days for a non-Genius order or 60 days for a Genius order from the date of its completion.

How to cancel an order at the customer’s request?

A customer may change his/her mind about the product even after placing an order and may request its cancellation. You can try to talk to him/her and offer an alternative, but if they do not change their mind, you must initiate the cancellation of the order. Enter the Orders menu and you will see, next to the order ID, a tick indicating the cancellation request from the customer. Access the Actions column, the View order details button and you will get on the order details page.

Complete the cancellation request by changing the status from Finalized to Returned.

Orders that have been cancelled by the customer will affect the health of your account only if the customer chooses one of the following reasons for cancellation: delivery time was too long, the product is no longer available in stock or the eMAG Marketplace partner has requested the cancellation of the order.

For more useful advice about order management, read the articles we have prepared in the eMAG Academy .

The most searched for products in the last 7 days on eMAG

1. iPhone

2. telephones

3. headphones

4. air conditioning / fans

5. toys

6. refrigerators & freezers

7. sport shoes

8. bags & wallets

9. watches

10. laptops

11. vacuums

12. Samsung phones

13. speakers

14. TVs

15. chairs

16. diapers and napkins

17. bedroom furniture

18. gaming console

19. fashion accessories

20 bicycles / tricycles /  accessories

21. smartwatches

22. sandals / slippers / slippers

23. pools / accessories

24. perfumes / gift sets

25. backpack

26. Samsung

27. owens

28. mattresses

29. electric vehicles

30. computer / pc / desktop

Ongoing campaigns:

  • Fashion End of Season Sale,
  • Crazy Days,
  • Everything for Sport,
  • eMAG Outlet,
  • Gardening Campaign,
  • Necessary every day.

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eMAG Academy – Our recommendations for this week:


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@Your complete guide to generating an AWB from the platform.

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With Genius easybox you can obtain more visibility: your eligible products in the program will be marked on the site with the label Genius!

Through the eMAG Ads campaigns, you can get 12% more sales for the promoted products.

  Fulfilment by eMAG can bring you 7 times more traffic per product.

Through IMN you can address over 230 million potential customers.

Make sure your team is OK

Keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and that it is necessary to implement a series of prevention rules for the safety of you and your team in all workplaces. You can check here which measures we recommend you consider.

We wish you to stay healthy and have as many sales as possible!

eMAG Marketplace Team

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