eMAG Marketplace Pulse, week 34, 2021



According to a JLL global survey, e-commerce is continuously growing. Equally, according to Eurostat, Romania has one of the best economic growth rates in Europe. Due to the growing interest in online commerce, but also the local economy, it is very likely that there are more opportunities to develop your online business. So, to help you stay up to date with the news, we have created a new communication channel that will help you discover more recommendations for your business. Read all the details below, along with this week’s news!




@Romania ranks 7th in Europe’s economic growth, according to Eurostat. Gross domestic product grew by 13.2% in the European Union and by 13.6% in the euro area in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Romania has a growth of 13.6%. 


@According to Eurostat , Romania’s annual inflation rate climbed to 3.8% in July from 3.5% in June. By comparison, Romania’s annual inflation rate in July 2020 was 2.5%.





@According to GXO Logistics, 72% of retailers are investing in the returns management process, and over 25% have recently invested in additional warehouse space. Moreover, 36% of retailers say that returns of products purchased online have increased.

@A survey published by JLL, shows that globally there will be a growing need for warehousing space to support the growth of many industries, especially e-commerce. Global demand for logistics warehouses, already at high levels, will continue to be high, at least until 2024.

Useful tips for you

Ecommercenews.eu estimates that in 2021 more than 500 million Europeans will shop online. Because we are going through a good context for the development of your business, we want to communicate more and better understand how we can offer customers a better online experience. That’s why we rely on your feedback, which you can now share with other sellers in the community on the official Facebook group of eMAG Marketplace sellers.

eMAG Marketplace Sellers Community

We launched the Facebook group dedicated to the community of active Marketplace sellers – eMAG Marketplace Sellers Community. It can be accessed here and if you are not part of the community yet, you can join at any time. We have launched this group to provide you with information relevant to your business development such as:

  • eMAG Marketplace programs and services
  • Information on campaigns
  • Updates from the Marketplace platform
  • Webinars

Moreover, in this group, there will be discussions about eMAG Marketplace news and online commerce, tips, recommendations, and opportunities for the development of your business. Comments will be answered, as much as possible, during the week (9:00 – 18:00), and posts will be organized by dedicated hashtags so that relevant information is easy to find.

We encourage you to write your feedback in the comments, both about positive experiences and if you have suggestions for improvement. Keep in mind that this group is a place for conversations between business partners, so always use appropriate and respectful language.

Because it is a group for discussion on well-defined topics, the topics will be initiated by the group administrators, and each member will be able to express their opinion in comments. Comments promoting products or services will not be accepted in this group. Also, if you need support to manage your activity on the platform, it will be offered through Messaging, not in comments.


Through Message Center, you can always get in touch with the eMAG Marketplace consultants, who are ready to help you if you have any difficulties or questions about adding products, invoices, orders, financial statements, campaigns. Basically, this is where you get any information about your activity on the Marketplace.

To get in touch with the support team, select the “Message Center” tab in the Dashboard. Here you will find the archive of messages received or sent, see the subject of each message and the status of each message. After accessing the “Contact Marketplace” section, you need to select from the menu the category for which you need support (such as returns, IMN, campaigns etc.), and then you can start a new discussion.

The most searched for products in the last 7 days on eMAG

1. iPhone

2. sport shoes

3. telephones

4. headphones

5. backpack

6. bags & wallets

7. notebooks

8. refrigerators & freezers

9. toys

10. chairs

11. watches

12. vacuums

13. Samsung phones

14. TVs

15. speakers

16. bedroom furniture

17. smartwatch

18. gaming console

19. fashion accessories

20. school supplies

21. ovens

22. perfumes & gift sets

23. bicycles / tricycles / accessories

24. diapers and napkins

25. Samsung

26. mask

27. phone cases

28. fashion & sport brands

29. Lego

30. electric vehicles

Ongoing campaigns:

  • Black Friday,
  • Back to Cool,
  • Baby Days,
  • Fashion end of season sale,
  • Everything for Sport,
  • Gardening Campaign,
  • eMAG Outlet,
  • Necessary every day.

See more here

Out of stock-  See the top of the most sold products in the last 30 days, which are not part of your offer and at this moment are no longer available on the eMAG platform due to stock exhaustion. See more here.

New product recommendations – Check the performance of your products on the eMAG Marketplace platform in the section My Opportunities. See more here.

eMAG Academy – Our recommendations for this week:


@Here is a detailed article on how you can check the messages you receive via Messaging.

@Do you know all the ways you can get in touch with us? Find out from this article.

@Find here details on how to operate your account from the eMAG Marketplace platform.

@Check here the tips and recommendations for a positive Seller Rating.

With Genius easybox you can obtain more visibility: your eligible products in the program will be marked on the site with the label Genius!

Through the eMAG Ads campaigns, you can get 12% more sales for the promoted products.

  Fulfilment by eMAG can bring you 7 times more traffic per product.

Through IMN you can address over 230 million potential customers.

Make sure your team is OK

Keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and that it is necessary to implement a series of prevention rules for the safety of you and your team in all workplaces. You can check here which measures we recommend you consider.

We wish you to stay healthy and have as many sales as possible!

eMAG Marketplace Team

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