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The current context seems to be favorable for business, but our recommendation for the development of your business is to focus on increasing the conversion rate and on customer retention. The buying experience can influence customers to give you a positive rating and return to buy from you, and Seller Rating is the way through which you can find out if they were satisfied or not. Find out from the lines below our tips for improving this indicator on your platform.





@Romania’s economy grew by 2.9% in the first trimester of this year, according to INS data.


@According to the INS, retail trade turnover grew by 13.7%, in gross terms, in the first five months of 2021. According to the data, by May 31st, 2021, there was a 23.2% advance in sales of non-food products.


@ANAF (National Tax Administration Authority) announced that it is making the One-Stop Shop – OSS system available to taxpayers for the implementation of the VAT e-commerce package.


@The European Commission has improved its forecast for Romania’s economy: growth is estimated at 7.4% in 2021 and 4.9% in 2022, according to interim estimates from this summer.


@Local clothing exports fell by 25% in the pandemic: local factories delivered products worth €1.8 billion. This is the lowest value since 2008. The main export destinations for clothing products are Italy, Germany, and France.





@The European Commission has upgraded its forecast for growth in the EU and euro area economy. Thus, the EU economy is expected to grow by 4.8% in 2021 and 4.5% in 2022, according to the interim estimates of this summer. The euro area is also expected to grow by 4.8% in 2021 and 4.5% in 2022.

@The European Union has banned a number of single-use plastic products, including cutlery, plates and straws, starting July. These are to be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives.

@Bulgaria will adopt the euro in 2024, Sofia authorities announced. The transition to euro is likely to start on January 1st, 2024.

@Hungary has approved its budget for 2022. Finance Minister Mihaly Varga stated that in 2022 all the resources needed to revive the economy and boost investment will be available.


Useful tips for you


The growth of your online business can be influenced by many factors, and customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects you should take into account. A positive shopping experience can translate into a good rating on your seller page, which can help increase the conversion rate.

A positive rating can also convince other potential customers to trust you and place an order. Locally, 68.19% of consumers said that positive feedback from other customers would convince them to buy more. Also, customers who actively seek opinions about products they plan to buy, look for details about product quality or the online store’s response to negative reviews, as well as data about the speed of delivery.

Through the Seller Rating indicator, you can see how satisfied customers were with the operational processes during their orders and you can take action to improve the shopping experience. Customers can choose from 1 to 5 stars, depending on the level of satisfaction with various aspects of the order, such as the interaction with the seller or the quality of the products sold. This rating is displayed on the product page and is therefore visible to any potential buyer. A positive Seller Rating can bring you more sales: from our analysis, sellers with a rating of more than 4 stars have registered a 155% increase in conversion rate.

We want Seller Rating to really help you improve your operational processes, that’s why every rating you receive is checked, to make sure that the rating you receive only includes aspects that are strictly your responsibility.


What can you do to improve your Seller Rating indicator?


Speed of delivery is a very important factor for customers. According to our data, Seller Rating is on average 4.51 stars for sellers offering one-day delivery, compared to 4.12 stars for 2-day delivery and 3.87 stars for 3-day delivery. Therefore, we recommend offering customers a delivery time that’s as short as possible, but realistic. In order to calculate a realistic delivery time, consider:

  • The time needed to prepare the parcel
  • How long it takes to deliver the parcel to the courier
  • The delivery time offered by the courier

To ensure a fast delivery time, it is important to make sure you size your team correctly and have enough staff to cover order management. In addition, it can be helpful to collaborate with several courier companies on the platform, as well as offering more delivery options. Another aspect you can take into consideration from the perspective of the rating given by customers is the one referring to the available delivery methods. From our data, the Seller Rating for easybox is 4.40 stars, while the Seller Rating for home delivery is 4.02 stars. Moreover, according to our analysis, the share of orders with easybox delivery increased from 6% in April 2020 to 30% in April 2021.

Customer service

Another aspect that can influence the Seller Rating is the customer service area. The faster you respond to customer complaints, the better your chances of generating a better rating. For merchants that responded to customer complaints in a timely manner, the Seller Rating is on average 4.40 stars, while orders with late or no response have an average rating of 2.62 stars. Therefore, in order to improve this indicator, we advise you to pay attention to customer requests and to use an open and calm tone when discussing with them. Give all the necessary details and prioritize the potentially sensitive situations.

You can increase customer confidence if you provide information about the status of their order – for example, if the product is out of stock but can be replaced with a similar one or if there are situations that may delay delivery of the order.

Another thing you can do to positively influence the Seller Rating is to pay attention to return requests and solve them in the shortest possible time, if possible, even in 24 hours.

The most searched for products in the last 7 days on eMAG

1. air conditioning & fans

2. pools & accessories

3. iPhone

4. phones

5. headphones

6. toys

7. sandals / slippers / flip flops

8. sports shoes

9. refrigerators & freezers

10. laptops

11. watches

12. bags & wallets

13. Samsung phones

14. chairs

15. televisions

16. vacuum cleaners

17. speakers

18. gaming console

19. bicycles / tricycles

20. fashion accessories

21. diapers and napkins

22. dresses

23. bedroom furniture

24. smartwatch

25. camping

26. perfumes & gift sets

27. fashion & sport brands

28. electric vehicles

29. Samsung

30. T-shirts

Ongoing campaigns:

  • Fashion Sale,
  • Everything for Sport,
  • eMAG Outlet,
  • Gardening Campaign,
  • Necesary every day.

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eMAG Academy – Our recommendations for this week:


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@See here where the information from product documentation is visible on the site.

@Discover here how you can add a video to your product description!

@Learn to use simple HTML codes to improve the product description area.

The products listed in the Genius easybox program can register 10% more traffic.

eMAG Ads can help you grow the visibility of your products.

You can concentrate on sales growth and let us help you with the logistic and customer care operations through Fulfilment by eMAG.

You can start selling on the marketplaces of another 3 European e-commerce leaders!

Make sure your team is OK


Keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and that it is necessary to implement a series of prevention rules for your and your team’s safety in all workplaces. You can check here which measures we recommend you consider.


We wish you to stay healthy and have as many sales as possible!

eMAG Marketplace Team

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