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We already know that the shopping experience is very important for clients online, but what are the factors to watch out for? This week we have prepared tips for improving your account indicators to help you maximize your presence on the platform and grow your business. Here are this edition’s news and tips:





@According to INS data, average household incomes in Romania increased by 7% in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same quarter of the previous year. The amounts allocated to non-food goods have maintained the upward trend but have not yet returned to the 2017 share.

@According to PwC’s “Consumer Intelligence on ESG” survey, 76% of consumers say they will give up on the relationship with companies that don’t treat their employees, the environment or the community they work in well.

@The trade deficit was close to €9 billion in May this year, and this is due to the increase in consumption of imported products, according to INS data. In the first five months of 2021, Romania exported goods worth €29.925 billion and imported €38.762 billion.



 @According to the “Global Ecommerce Forecast 2021” report by emarketer.ro, 2021 is estimated to be a good year for ecommerce, with total sales reaching $4.92 trillion.

@From August 1st, Hungary will start vaccinating the population with the third dose of vaccine. Budapest authorities announce that the vaccine will be mandatory for health professionals.


Useful tips for you


Every online retailer wants to provide a good shopping experience for their customers through quality products and service. But how can you know what things you should improve in your seller account?

In the Dashboard, you have access to the Health section of your account, where you can see several indicators that are very important for the success of your online store. These indicators help you monitor your activity on Marketplace and show you immediately whether you have performed well or not in the order, delivery, or return processes, as well as on the customer service side. By tracking these indicators and solving problems that arise, you can improve your presence on Marketplace and grow your business.

Whenever the results were not as expected, you will receive a notification with the measures you could take to correct the low indicator values.

What can you do to improve the indicators in the Health section of your account? Here are our tips in brief:

  1. Orders
  • Service level orders – we recommend that you size your team correctly so that all areas of activity on the platform are covered. As far as possible, it would help to even have a dedicated person who can take and process incoming orders. Furthermore, we recommend that you set a realistic number of days to prepare the order. If you expect delays in the delivery of your order, let the customer know in advance and discuss the details of the delivery with them.
  • Order incident rate – set a realistic order completion time, update your stock of active products on the site and maintain relationships with suppliers to always have stock of the products listed. It would also be helpful to collaborate with at least two courier companies on the platform for timely order picking. If unforeseen situations arise that may delay the delivery of the order, inform your customers in time.
  1. Delivery
  • Tracking parcels – as far as possible, try to issue all AWBs on time and make sure they will be scanned by the courier on the same day. We also encourage you to work with the courier companies available on the platform to have access to issue AWBs directly from the platform. Please note that in order for this indicator not to be negatively affected, it is important to generate AWBs only from the platform and not from the courier’s website – this way the customer will be able to track the status of their order in real time.
  • Parcel delivery service level – for a good performance, we recommend integrating at least one courier partner in your seller account and make sure that it covers all deliveries of orders from the platform. Also, make sure that all parcels with AWB are delivered within the agreed deadline. To ensure that you deliver the parcel on time to the courier, we advise you to set a working schedule that is, as far as possible, equal to the courier company’s working schedule. This ensures that all orders for which you issue AWBs are picked up on the same or next working day. Also, to establish an optimal workflow, you can discuss with the courier companies you work with to set parcel delivery times.
  1. Return
  • Service level returns – consider assigning a person to pick up and process all return requests received in the platform on time. As far as possible, these should receive the status Received on the same day they are received. We also recommend that you try to talk to customers, understand what their dissatisfaction was and try to find the best solution so that they do not return the product they ordered.
  • Return Completion Rate & Return Incident Rate – Our recommendation is to deal with every return request received as quickly as possible, even within 24 hours if you can. It is also advisable to contact the customer for situations where there may be delays in resolving the return. Remember that for some products you only have 14 working days to complete the return form.
  1. Customer service
  • Number of complaints & Complaints with incident – we recommend that you assign a person to deal with situations arising in the customer service area, so as not to respond late to requests that arise. Also, pay attention to the documentation (it should reflect reality) and provide as many details as possible about it. It is important to respect the delivery deadline and to let customers know if there are situations where the order might be late, or the return form will not be filled in on time. We recommend that you constantly monitor the status of incoming complaints in your seller account to avoid them being closed with incident. To organize yourself more efficiently, we recommend that you activate your e-mail notification service for referrals.

The most searched for products in the last 7 days on eMAG

1. air conditioning & fans
2. iPhone
3. telephones
4. headphones
5. toys
6. refrigerators & freezers
7. notebooks
8. bags & wallets
9. sport shoes
10. bed sheets
11. watches
12. vacuums
13. Samsung phones
14. sandals / slippers / slippers
15. pools & accessories
16. chairs
17. speakers
18. TVs
19. gaming console
20. bedroom furniture
21. diapers and napkins
22. bicycles / tricycles & accessories
23. smartwatch
24. fashion accessories
25. dresses
26. perfumes & gift sets
27. electric vehicles
28. Samsung
29. mattresses
30. ovens

Ongoing campaigns:

  • Fashion Sale,
  • Everything for Sport,
  • eMAG Outlet,
  • Gardening Campaign,
  • Necesary every day.

You can see more details here

Out of stock – Consult the most sold products in the last 30 days top, which are not part of your offer and at this moment are not available on the eMAG platform, as they are out of stock. See more here.

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eMAG Academy – Our recommendations for this week:


@Find out how to quickly access details of incoming orders.

@Find out how to generate an AWB from the eMAG Marketplace platform!

@Where can you see products with high return rates?

@Here are our recommendations for dealing with incident complaints.

With Genius easybox you can obtain more visibility: your eligible products in the programme will be marked on the site with the label Genius!

Through the eMAG Ads campaigns, you can get 12% more sales for the promoted products.

Fulfilment by eMAG can bring you 7 times more traffic per product.

Through IMN you can address over 230 million potential customers.

Make sure your team is OK


Keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet and that it is necessary to implement a series of prevention rules for your and your team’s safety in all workplaces. You can check here which measures we recommend you consider.


We wish you to stay healthy and have as many sales as possible!

eMAG Marketplace Team

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