The Campaign Calendar – January, 2023


In January, we have the opportunity to start a new year with new goals and challenges. We invite you to start the series of the first results of 2023 and through our partnership, we can take these goals to new and more ambitious business areas.

 Here are the campaigns from January:

 Deal of the week:

– 3rd-8th of January,

– 9th-15th of January,

– 23rd-29th of January,

– 30th of January-5th of February

Shopping event:

– January 17th – 19th 

The event will enjoy a strong promotion in the media area and will maintain your appetite for shopping even after the holidays.

Fashion promotion in January 

Actions dedicated exclusively to Fashion products enrolled in the Genius program:

– Between Dec. 27th-Jan. 4th: Party Mood On

– From Jan. 5th-15th: Winter Story

– Between Jan. 16th-31st: Best of Winter

Actions dedicated to the entire selection of offers (Genius and non-Genius products)

– Between Dec. 19th-Jan. 15th: Winter Adventure

– Between Jan. 16th-31st: Best version of you

These actions may also include your Fashion offers, and if you do not want your products to participate, you can write to us in the Message Center until the end of December.

Criteria for participation in eMAG campaigns in January: 

  • The proposed products must have a minimum applied discount of 5% compared to their lowest price in the last 30 days, regardless of their performance in the platform
  • Those products with a percentage discount of less than 5% vs. CMMP 30 will be validated, if they have a discount in the absolute value of at least 50 RON
  • The newly listed offers proposed in the campaign to be activated at least 7 days before the start date of each campaign
  • The offers included in the campaign must not have been inactive in the last 30 days before the start of the campaign

The commission discount mechanism will be the same in 2023 

As before, the commission discount mechanism can help you get higher revenues due to the reduction of up to 50% of the commission charged for the products sold during the campaigns. The amounts obtained will be collected throughout January and early February 2023.

We are always looking for new opportunities 

We are constantly paying attention to how online commerce evolves from one period to another and as we have already accustomed you, we take into account any new opportunity that would bring benefits to your business and we will take care to implement the identified opportunities, informing you in advance about each update of the promotion program.


In 2023 we wish you quality sales and as many moments of satisfaction as possible for your business.


The eMAG Marketplace team

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