With Fulfillment by eMAG, you have the most efficient logistic solution


Fulfilment by eMAG (FBE) is an integrated logistic service. We provide you with storage space and services such as order processing, pickup, packaging, and delivery. Additionally, we handle Customer Care and return requests.

All you need to do is send your products to the eMAG warehouse, and we take care of inventorying them, processing orders, and handing over packages to courier companies for final delivery to the customer.

All that’s left for you to do is focus on growing your sales.





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  • Enjoy 30 days of free storage for your products.
  • Store all your products in one warehouse, we will deliver orders in 3 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary.
  • Your products have 2xas much visibility due to customers who choose the "delivered by eMAG" filter.
  • Increased changes to a better seller rating, due to fast delivery.
  • You benefit from the best storage and management conditions with the help of eMAG investments of over 43M euro from past years.
  • Through FBE, you have access to over 240,000 square meters, the largest warehouse in Southeast Europe.
  • Less challenges with personnel fluctuation and warehouse operating authorizations.


Pasul 1

Solicită activarea serviciului FBE

Pasul 2

Semnează actele necesare activării serviciului FBE

Pasul 3

Trimte produsele către depozitul nostru

Pasul 4

Începe să-ți promovezi produsele. Noi ne ocupăm de depozitare, ambalare și expediere

Pasul 5

Bucură-te de vânzări


Request the activation of the FBE service, through Message Center, the option Fulfillment by eMAG – FBE account activation

Sign the FBE annex, from the legal documents section

Once the documents are signed and approved, your FBE service is activated

Send the products to our warehouse

Start promoting your products. We take care of storage, packaging and shipping

Enjoy sales

Are you a seller?

Not a seller yet?


Below, you have a tool that will help you understand the costs of FBE for your products. Download the cost simulator, fill in the product name, category, stock, and volumetric data, and the tool will automatically generate a cost simulation for you.

Read the complete tutorial and discover how you can use the simulator to your advantage.


Storage is free for the first 30 days for each replenishment in FBE.

FBE processing costs for received orders start from 3.40 RON per unit. You can use the FBE Simulator to estimate the costs if you choose to use the Fulfilment by eMAG service.

From the eMAG Marketplace platform, you need to create a goods reception request. You can only send products to the warehouse that meet the legal requirements derived from national and European legislation. Before sending the first products to the warehouse, you’ll need to provide specific data about your products, volume, storage, and handling conditions to eMAG.

To withdraw products from the eMAG warehouse, you need to create a withdrawal request. When creating the request, you should add the products you want to remove from the warehouse. Once you’ve added the products to the request, all details about the quantity of the products are visible in the product list.

For return requests, eMAG will handle collecting the parcels from customers. In the case of unsealed products, you’ll be notified by eMAG to collect these products from the warehouse.

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Fulfilment by eMAG

In this chapter, you will find information about: What is Fulfilment by eMAG (FBE) FBE benefits How to send products to the eMAG warehouse (How

Why should you sell through FBE

  Fulfilment by eMAG is an integrated logistics service that offers you the opportunity to access the eMAG warehouses, with the following services available: storage

FBE Cross-Border

The Fulfilment by eMAG (Full FBE) program was created and redesigned to give sellers a new experience as a self-service flow. In this short guide