The shortest path between you and 500,000 customers goes through Genius easybox


What is Genius easybox?

Genius easybox is a service for sellers that enables package delivery to Genius subscribers through a multitude of lockers across Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

With Genius easybox, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with fast delivery to easyboxes and an extended 60-day return option.

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There are already 500,000 Genius subscribers

Genius customers generate 79% more orders compared to non-Genius customers

The eMAG Genius filter is used by 90% of eMAG customers

Genius products have higher visibility than other products, due to Genius label

You have a higher conversion rate for Genius products

The shopping cart of Genius customers is 2x larger than of non-Genius customers

Are you a seller?

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*The criterion does not apply if the seller has been active on the Marketplace for less than 3 months.

FAQ GENIUS easybox

In the Legal Documents section of your account, you can sign the Genius Addendum. After signing, all your eligible easybox products will receive the Genius label. If there are products you don’t want in the program, you can use the “Deactivate Genius Property” option in the My Offers menu.

In the Genius easybox program, it’s not necessary to offer express delivery, only to hand over packages to the courier according to the set delivery time.

Starting from September 13, 2023, a Genius contribution of 2 RON + VAT is applied to all completed Genius orders that you’ve handed over to the courier. This doesn’t apply to returns.

In the payment breakdown with each payout, you’ll see your Genius contributions for all eligible orders in the reference period.

Genius customers with a saved card in their account enjoy a quick refund as soon as the package is collected from the easybox by the courier. If the returned products reach you damaged, please send us evidence via messaging for potential compensation.

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