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Documents required for enrolling on the eMAG Marketplace platform


In this article you will see which are the documents required in order to become an eMAG Marketplace partner.

The eMAG Marketplace platform gives you the opportunity to make your products visible to over 500 000 buyer, daily. It also launched the Open Romania program through which is supports and promotes the Romanian producers.

If you want to become an eMAG Marketplace partner you need to complete the registration form and our colleagues will activate your new seller account as soon as possible.

When completing the application form for the registration on the platform, in the third step, you must add the documents which certify you represent a legal entity which is eligible to sell products on the eMAG website. The required documents for the registration are:

  • The registration certificate of your company – is the fiscal administrative document issued by a competent authority which contains the company name, the address of the registered office and the tax identification code of the legal entity.
  • Identity card – is the identification document of the company administrator or of the legal representative.
  • Certificate of incorporation – is the company contract or the status concluded by associates for the purpose of setting up a commercial company.
  • Bank letter – represents the bank document in which are mentioned the IBAN, the company name and the bank name. This document may be replaced by a copy of bank statement.

It is very important to have those four documents when completing the enrolling steps, otherwise, your seller account won’t be activated.

If you want to be a part of the Open Romania program, you must comply a several eligibility criteria such as:

  • your company must be established in Romania
  • the company`s fiscal value of the last year must not exceed 500.000RON
  • the items which are to be sold on the eMAG website are produced exclusively on the Romanian territory.
  • the products must be manufactured in series and must follow a technological flow.
  • your company must own a CAEN code mentioned in the Certificate of incorporation.

When enrolling on the eMAG Marketplace platform check the Romanian producer box and our colleagues will call you to find more information about your activity.

Example of requested information:

  • Photos – you must send us photos of the products manufacturing flow.
  • Videos – in which you show us the way you produce the products

We recommend you to follow the available articles form the eMAG Academy section in which you can easily find more information about how to better use the eMAG Marketplace platform



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