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Steps of registration on the eMAG Marketplace platform


This tutorial will show you how to fill in each step of the eMAG Marketplace registration form.

Selling on the eMAG Marketplace platform, you get the opportunity to make your products visible to over 500.000 buyers, every day.

If you want to become an eMAG Marketplace partner access the site and complete you email address. Press I want to sell on eMAG Marketplace button and it will open a new window. Here you must complete your phone number. Press I want to sell on eMAG Marketplace button again and in a short time you will receive an email with the activation link.

Click on this link to access the eMAG Marketplace registration form, which contains five simple steps.

Step 1 –

You must fill in you company identification data and headquarter address.

  • Company headquarter – select the country where the company headquarter is based.
  • Company name – fill in the entire name of you company
  • Company Type – select your company type. This could be as follows: SRL, SA, SNC, SCS, SCA, SRL-D, PFT, II, IF or any other legal entity.
  • CUI – fill in the unique registration code of your company. If you are a VAT payer, you need to fill it in with RO in front of the code.
  • Trade register number – add the trade register identification number of your company.
  • VAT payer – select YES if you your company is a VAT payer or NO if you are not a VAT company payer.
  • In addition, you can mention in the field bellow, how you found out about eMAG Marketplace platform.
  • In the right side you must add all the information regarding to the company headquarter:
  • County – select the county where your company is based.
  • Locality – select your company city
  • Address – fill in the entire address, where your company is based.

In the Contact fields add the First name and the Last name of the administrator. Fill in an available phone number through which our colleagues can contact you and an email address in order to receive notifications from the platform. Once you finished filling in all the required fields, press the Next step button.

Step 2 –

Here, you must fill in all the financial details of your company.

Add the IBAN code, the Bank name and the SWIFT bank code needed for the future transactions between you and eMAG Marketplace.

Select your bank account currency and select whether or not you are a Romanian producer. Romanian producers benefit from special commissions, but for this you need to meet several eligibility criteria. At the end, make a short description of your company which will be visible in your seller account profile and get to the Next step.

Step 3 –

In this step you need to upload the documents necessary for the validation of all the information added in the previous steps.

You can add the Registration certificate, the identity card of the administrator, the Certificate of incorporation and the bank statement in the right side of the page. There are accepted the PDF, JPEG, JPG or PNG, file formats and the maximum size of the file should not be more 2 MB.
Press the Choose file button next to the file which you are to upload and select it. Then, press Open. Repeat the same procedure for each file you need to upload in the platform.

Last thing you need to do here is to add the full name of the legal representative of the company, position he holds in the company, the e-mail address and the confirmation of the e-mail address of the legal representative. You can go now to Next step.

Step 4 –

This is the step where you choose up to 5 product categories in which your products can be listed on the eMAG Marketplace and select the supra-category related to your products. If none of the available categories suits your products, then select the closer one to the features of your products and after the account validation is done, we will recommend to you the appropriate product category. It is important to add at least one product in your new seller account. Check the Download the initial product list example, open the file and fill in with minimum one product.

In the open file you must select the supra-category and category in which your product fits, add the product name, the price, stock, delivery time and warranty if is needed. After completing save the file and come back to the registration steps. Press Choose and select the file you just filled in and click on Open. Once you file is uploaded, you can use the Next step button.

Step 5 –

This is the page where you add the operational settings Here you choose the maximum return term of 14 or 30 days. The maximum hour for the order processing must be the maximum hour when it is ready for delivery. We recommend you to set a moment as close as possible to the maximum parcel handover hour.

The shipping tax must be set using the RON currency and represents the standard value payed by the customer when ordering your products, on the Romanian territory.

The free shipping threshold represents the minim value of an order to which the shipping tax no longer applies. You can set any free threshold you want, but keep in mind that this threshold can influence customers’ buying decision. Fill in all the required fields correctly, and click the Finish button.

In a few seconds a new window will open with information about what will happen after activating the seller account. Click on Continue button and as soon as possible you will be able to start selling on the eMAG Marketplace platform.

We invite to visit the eMAG Academy section and follow the tutorials and articles available here, in order to better understand how the eMAG marketplace platforms works.

Keep up the good work! 









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