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How will you get assistance when you are new on the eMAG Marketplace platform


In this article you can find information about how will you get support from the eMAG Marketplace team, at the beginning of the collaboration.

The eMAG Marketplace platform gives you the opportunity to make your products visible to over 500,000 visitors daily.

To become an eMAG Marketplace partner, you must access the website and complete the 5 steps registration form.

After you have completed all the steps correctly, your account will be validated by our colleagues. They will help you sign contracts, select the range of products you will sell on, get acquainted with the sections and functionalities of the platform, as well as listing the first products on the platform.

If you are a Romanian manufacturer, when completing step 3 of the registration form, you must check YES in this option. Romanian producers benefit from special commissions, only if they meet a cumulative set of conditions.

In order to validate an account in which you checked that you are a Romanian manufacturer, we will contact you to request additional information which confirm all the eligibility conditions.

In addition to confirm this information, in the first month of the account validation, you will be supported by the eMAG Marketplace team when you need to sign the legal documents (Terms and Conditions + Appendix, GDPR and commission grid for the categories to which you requested access).

Depending on the encountered situation during the listing of the products on the platform, we will assist you in uploading the first items, so that you can learn how to fill in all the product data correctly.

Throughout your collaboration with eMAG Marketplace it is essential to deliver your orders through a courier company. We will send you the data of the partner courier companies that you can contact in order to be able to activate the parcel shipping flow with AWB generated quickly, directly from the order page.

From the beginning of the collaboration we will offer you technical support for various situations that you may encounter and for understanding the functionalities of the platform.

When you complete the registration steps, you will register the delivery fee and the free threshold, which we will help you to modify, when appropriate. We will also show you how to set the outside network additional cost correctly for extra km.

For situations where you need to access a new category, you can ask for help to quickly get access to the desired categories. After your access request, you will soon receive the commission appendix if you contact us, and if you do not receive manual access, the platform will automatically generate the commission appendix per category after 8 p.m.

We recommend you to follow other tutorials available in the eMAG Academy section and find more details on how the eMAG Marketplace platform works.


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