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In this chapter will provide you with more information about:

  • What is the eMAG Ads service?
  • The benefits of eMAG Ads
  • How to get started with eMAG Ads
  • How to purchase eMAG Ads credit
  • How to create an eMAG Ads campaign
  • How to edit an eMAG Ads campaign
  • How to check the performance of an eMAG Ads campaign


What is the eMAG Ads service

eMAG Ads is a promotional tool which allows you to promote a product or a selection of products to customers, when they enter the site and search for products. This way you can increase the number of visits per product page and the conversion rate.

Through eMAG Ads you can benefit from the advertising service known as pay per click (PPC) through which you can bid, at product level, for a better position on the category page or in a group of offers.

It is important to make sure that you are promoting your best offers, in order to attract as many visitors as possible, which will help to improve the listing position for your products. Also you must consider that once the product page is accessed, the customer will find all the necessary product information, so you can turn a click into a sale.

Benefits of eMAG Ads

Through eMAG Ads, you can promote products effectively to increase sales.

You can generate a higher traffic to your products.

You only pay for clicks on your bids.

You can set your own promotion budget.


How to get started with eMAG Ads

If you have decided to promote your products using eMAG Ads then you must know that before starting an eMAG Ads campaign you need to buy Ads credit. After purchasing the Ads credit, we recommend that you:

  • Start the first campaign with products that already have sales, in order to have a better cost per click.
  • Create separate campaigns for product categories.
  • Start with small bids.
  • Check results and move products with good statistics into separate campaigns.

You can find more details about how to start your eMAG Ads campaigns.

How to buy eMAG Ads credit

To create an Ads campaign, you must purchase the necessary bidding credit. Access the eMAG Ads section where you have buttons with predefined values.

Select the credit amount you want to purchase, choosing from the predefined values: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Ron and press the Buy button. You can also buy a higher credit value that you fill in manually, between 50 and 50,000 Ron.

Once the payment has been successfully completed, you will be redirected to the eMAG Ads page and the credit will be allocated to the eMAG Ads budget in your seller account.

Check here how you can buy eMAG Ads credit.

How to create an eMAG Ads campaign

To create an eMAG Ads campaign, go to the eMAG Ads section and make sure you have Ads credit available.

On the Ads Campaigns page, select the Create Campaign button. The eMAG Ads Campaign Setup window will open.

Fill in the name of the campaign, the start and end date, the daily budget and a brief description of the campaign products.

Add your products using the Add option, fill in the bid value for each product in the Product bid field, then fill in the value for Campaign Bid.

Once you have made the necessary additions, click the Activate Campaign button.

You can see here all steps of an eMAG Ads campaign ceation.

How to edit an eMAG Ads campaign

If after activating your eMAG Ads campaign, you want to change some elements, you can use the Settings option next to it. This way you can change the settings for the campaign display period and the allocated budget.

If after activating your eMAG Ads campaign, you want to change the products in the campaign or the assigned bid, you can use the Products option next to it. You can add or delete campaign products and change your bid (bid value).

How to check the performance of an eMAG Ads campaign

You can always check the performance of the products promoted in an Ads campaign and adapt your promotion strategy, depending on the results obtained.

Go to the eMAG Ads section and go to the campaign listing area on the Ads campaigns page.

In the Actions column next to each created campaign, you have the XLS download button.

The .XLS, file will be downloaded with all the products, along with their performance from the eMAG Ads campaign, from the beginning of the campaign until now.

You can also follow this webinar about the Ads campaigns.

We invite you to follow the other tutorials available in the eMAG Academy section. Here you will find more information on how to increase sales on the eMAG Marketplace.


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