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Conditions for declaring in the RO e-transport system for the FBE products



When using the Fulfilment by eMAG service, it is necessary to collaborate to fulfill the obligations imposed by the RO e-Transport monitoring system.

For your products that are part of the list of those with high fiscal risk registered in the FBE, eMAG, as depositary, will have the obligation to declare in the RO e-transport system and to obtain the UIT code for transport, code that must accompany the goods during the transit of the territory of Romania.

The information we expect from you at each reception request containing products considered high tax risk can be found in this document.


Where and when you can send us the information?

In order for us to be able to meet the reporting obligation in the RO e-Transport system for the transport of your products to the eMAG warehouse, it is mandatory that before starting transit on the territory of Romania you provide us with all the information specific to the respective shipment by following the steps in the automatic notification you receive or in the Message center, Fulfilment by eMAG – Reception of goods in eMAG warehouse category.

Attention! Please provide the information well in advance of the arrival of the shipment at the border, so that we can obtain the UIT code requested at customs checks in due time.

 Where will you see the UIT code for your shipment?

– Based on the information collected from you, we will report to the RO e-transport system.

– After successfully generating the UIT code, it will be displayed in your FBE eMAG Marketplace account, next to the respective reception request.

Compliance with the obligation to declare the transport of goods with high fiscal risk will eliminate the application of the fines provided under the law, ranging from RON 20,000 to RON 100,000 for legal entities, as well as the confiscation of the undeclared goods.

More information about the RO e-Transport system can be found here.

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