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Dashboard: TO DO list


In this video, you will learn about the TO DO list section from the main page of your seller account on the eMAG Marketplace platform.
TO DO list, announce you about the main things you need to keep in mind in your day-to-day activity as the information here changes every other day. The section listed in TO DO list changes based on how you managed your eMAG seller account in the previous day.

The TO DO list notifies you of the following:

  • Campaign alert

It informs about any upcoming or ongoing campaigns in which you can list your products. You are encouraged to take part by uploading as many products as you can and to stock up on products for the duration of the campaign.
Click on the little arrow in the right side of the text and then you click on “Upload your offers here!” or press the sign in the far end corner.  You will get to the Campaigns page, where you can see all the active and upcoming campaigns.

  • Order Alert

It warns you when some of your orders either are delayed or have reached the maximum shipping date. Order alert helps you prioritize these orders to finish them in a timely manner. If you open this section you can either press on “Finalize them here!” or click on the sign at the far end of the box to get in the “Orders” section where you will see all delayed orders.

  • Stock alert

Announce you that some of your products are running out of stock in the next few days, based on platforms` estimations, and you should think about restocking them as soon as possible. Click on “Update their stocks here, to make sure you won’t miss any selling opportunities!” or the sign at the far end of the box and you will get to the “General” section in “My offers”menu. Here you’ll be able to make the necessary updates.

  • Health alert

Forewarns you when one of your indicators has a lower value. Meaning you should pay more attention and make sure to improve those mentioned indicators in the health alert.
Press the little arrow in the right hand-side and you will see the list of indicators which need improvement.

We recommend you to check the TO DO list section every time you access your seller account and see what actions you should prioritize today.
Don`t forget to visit the eMAG Academy section and see the tutorials which will offer you the quick answers to your questions about how to better manage your company activity, on the eMAG Marketplace platform.


Keep up the good work!




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