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Oversized products


This tutorial contains information about:

– Oversized products
– The regime of oversized products on the eMAG Marketplace platform
– Delivery fee for oversized products

Oversized products

On the eMAG Marketplace platform there are also large products available, which customers can order for their needs.
Products weighing more than 30 kg or having a volume of more than 0.2 m3 or having a side greater than 120 cm are considered to be oversized.

Therefore, the dimensions of the products listed in eMAG Marketplace are very important both for their documentation and for determining the right delivery method. And filling in the volumetry data for all listed products helps you classify your products for home, locker or oversized delivery.

 The regime of oversized products 

On the eMAG Marketplace platform there is no option to set the oversized products. However, depending on the category and dimensions set, the platform may automatically exempt the newly listed oversized product from standard delivery.

It is important for this type of products to ensure the best transport conditions, so that your order reaches its destination safely. If you have such products in your portfolio, it is necessary to write to us in the Message center by selecting the Logistics / Courier category and send us the email from the courier company integrated into your seller account, which confirms the impossibility of delivering the oversized products.

Orders with oversized products will not be delivered with AWB generated from the eMAG Marketplace platform and do not enter into the calculation of delivery performance indicators, because you will need to request the services of another courier company, other than the integrated eMAG, which can support their delivery. Consult here the Account health manual.

 Delivery fee for oversized products

As with standard products, the delivery fee is set at the category or product level. You can see in this article how you set the delivery fee for your products. In addition to the volumetric fee, the products are added extra network delivery fees. The value of the extra network fee applies when the delivery address of the product is located outside the coverage area of the courier company operating the parcel transport.

Try Fulfillment by eMAG for your oversized products

If you need a service that will support you and free you from all operational and logistical processes for your oversized products or all the products, we advise you to test the Fulfillment by eMAG program.

Besides the benefits of increased visibility and traffic thanks to the “delivered by eMAG” filter, you will have ensured the storage and transportation of products in the best conditions and fast delivery to customers.
You can find here everything you need to know about this integrated logistics service, and if you have more questions, write to us at and we will help you.


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